Name:  Jahina's Uwanda Mbingu


May 25, 2007-November 2009

Sweet, innocent and devoted.
Strong and beautiful.
Our girl.

It's time for a walk and off we go.
To the park to chase balls, meet new and visit with old friends.
Happiness, glee and complete puppy abandon from the moment we set foot in the park.

She looks like thunder racing across the field.
Each muscle stretched to the limit.
Power, she is power in motion.
She is beautiful.
Everyone admires her grace and spirit.

Ears flapping in the wind, tongue hanging out, she races back to my side.
She is checking on me.
Loyal and loving,
She wants to know she's a good girl.
She wants to know I am here for her forever.
She wants to protect me.

At home, she curls up on her bed
She is content with a chew stick and a stroke on the head.
Always happy to see me and always underfoot, she is my friend and companion.
She expects nothing but my love.

At night she curls up with her boy,
They cuddle and spoon.
They are evermore connected.

She teaches us how to love naturally,
how to love even when life wears us down.
Her love is steady and unconditional.

She teaches us how to observe a routine and cheers us up when we are sad.
She waits faithfully, always greeting us like we were the most important thing in her life.
Her whole body wags for us.
She sits at the front door.

Even in her death, she is teaching us,
We learn how to find forgiveness.
How to be a family and grieve together.
She teaches us we are fallible.
She teaches us that we can cry together.
In her death we learn the importance of embracing every minute of this life.
We learn to express love without reservation.

Thank you for teaching us Kumani.
You completed our family.
You are woven forever through the fabric of our lives, our family and our hearts.

We'll miss you Dog Ear Underpants.

Love forever,
Your family
Diana, Ross, Eric and Anna
You were the bestest doggie we ever had.  We love you Kumani.-from Anna.